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Manuel Antonio Property For the better part of the past five years now, Manuel Antonio has become one of the most visited places in all of Costa Rica for tourists. The National Park features turquoise waters and white sand beaches. With almost every species of jungle animals at your doorstep, Manuel Antonio National Park is not only a #1 tourist attraction, but has become one of the most desirable locales in all of Costa Rica in which to invest.  Properties here have increased in
Dominical Beach Dominical, Costa Rica. The Dominical beach is considered by some to be one of the finest surf beaches in Costa Rica.  The beach break at Dominical Beach is one of consistency. Often referred to as the 'sleepy' little surfside village, Dominical has plenty to offer an investor. Investment in the areas around Dominical have skyrocketed over the past few years and with the recently completed road from Quepos-Manuel Antonio, this area is surely set to
Uvita Uvita...not the most talked about area of Costa Rica however this is by no means an indicator of what is about to happen in this small seaside village on Costa Rica's Pacific coast. Uvita, Costa Rica is home to the world famous, Uvita Whale's Tail.  This natural formation whereas two beaches/bays come together to form a perfect rendition of a giant whale's tail. Seen from above, this incredible natural phenomenon is
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Costa Rica Property #1


eachfront gated community in Guanacaste featuring 1.25 acre lots at blow out prices not seen since 2004! ...more info

Costa Rica Property #2


oreclosure property 4.16 acres overlooking Caño Island. Of the 2 building sites the principal is almost a full acre. Priced for immediate sale!...more info

Costa Rica Property #3


ceanfront living in desirable Dominical. World famous for it's surf, this 1ac title lot in a 24/7 gated community, sits just above the beach....more info

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Trying to find what you are looking for in respect to Costa Rica property can be a daunting experience. With a plethora of Costa Rica homes for sale - where do you begin? So what Costa Rica Property Site have tried to provide you with is a one-stop, Costa Rica MLS supersite. On top of it all we present it all to you in stunning fashion using the most professional, esthetically pleasing real estate site on the WWW. We hope you enjoy, Costa Rica Property Site!

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Costa Rica Property site offers a vast selection of amazing real estate opportunity in one of the most bio-diverse areas on the planet. Costa Rica vacations are famed for the country's vast, dense jungles and pure white sand beaches. Not only that but Costa Rica was recently voted the #1 Happiest Place to Live. So we encourage you to choose Costa Rica Property site when you are ready to talk about investing in tropical Happy Costa Rica!

Why you need to grab a map of Costa Rica and check it out? Let us give you some reasons why Costa Rica is worth considering.

Dominical Vacation Rentals
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  • Purity Costa Rica has recently been rated by National Geographic as one of the most bio-diverse areas on the planet. Cocos Island was a front runner for the Top 10 Natural Wonders of the World. If purity is what you are looking for then it doesn't get much more Pura Vida (Pure Life) than Costa Rica.
  • Beauty From the lush rainforests to the expansive heavenly beaches, Costa Rica is chalk full of beauty. For a country of this size, Costa Rica boasts some of the most active volcanoes in the world, only second to Hawaii.
  • Security Costa Rica was recently voted #6 world wide for real estate potential. The Costa Rica real estate market has seen it's ups and downs, however these days we are witnessing the rebirth of the "real estate boom" to hit the region in the mid 90's. Not since then have we seen prices this opportunistic for investors looking to gain great returns on their hard earned cash.

Costa Rica Property

Over the years we have seen an incredible amount of foreign investment in Costa Rica property coming from Canada, Europe and the Asian nations. This shift from the norm, is a direct reflection of how the world is viewing investing in Costa Rica real estate. With world economic markets in tailspin mode, many are beginning to consider retiring in Costa Rica and they realize that investing in Costa Rica property can be a healthy addition to their portfolios in order to offset other markets that are currently weak. A surprising statistic shows that more and more Canadians are choosing CR properties for their preferred selection for investment in Latin America.

Another market worth mention is the Tamarindo real estate sector that is currently experiencing an influx of attention.


Dominical Real Estate

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Dominical Property has continued to grow in popularity. We are currently on the brink of potentially the biggest real estate boom in Dominical history, with the near completion of the road from Quepos to Dominical. When this road is finalized and paved completely from Dominical to Manuel Antonio, we are guaranteed to see a exponential growth in tourism throughout the area. Along with tourism activity, comes investor potential. For this reason Costa Rica Property Site is excited to be a part of such a pinnacle moment in the history and future growth of the Dominical real estate market.

If you are considering investing in the Dominical real estate market then we would encourage you to consider Costa Rica Property Site as your helpful hand in finding that special place and ensuring your safety and security during the buying process.

For a wealth of information on Dominical and the goings on throughout the area, feel free to visit this site for relevant information about life in Dominical Costa Rica.

Uvita Real Estate

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Uvita currently is in it's first real estate boom and Costa Rica Property Site is pleased to be offering a large selection of great opportunistic properties in the area. With developments going up all around the area, this little seaside village is on the rise. There is a plethora of shops and activities at ones disposal in Uvita. There are banks, two supermarkets, restaurants, internet cafes and even...a gas station! Something Dominical has been missing for years. Also featured only in Uvita is the Uvita Whale's Tail. This natural beach formation comes together to form a perfect rendition of a whale's tail in the South Pacific of Costa Rica. Costa Rica property in Uvita is still a bargain but are expected to rise in the coming months as the road from Quepos nears completion. So if you are considering investing in the area we would suggest getting in soon before land prices in Uvita Costa Rica rise. Costa Rica Property Site has a vast selection of prime properties in the Uvita areas.

For a wealth of information on Uvita, feel free to visit this site for relevant information about life in Uvita Costa Rica.

Jaco Real Estate

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Jaco beach has been the most consistently growing coastal community for years now and is currently the most commercially developed beach, focused on tourism, in the country. Where Tamarindo stopped, Jaco has taken the baton and run with it. The area is constantly filled with excitment whether it is the Billabong Surf Championships or the popular Reef Girls beauty contest, Jaco has everything a beach community could need and the best part is, it's only 1.5 hours from San Jose. When it comes to people looking to buy in a beach community with a slighty more active nightlife, Jaco should be a consideration. Costa Rica Property Site offers a selection of properties available in the Jaco area.

Currently there are four hotel and condominium project developing on Jaco beach. Unlike most areas of the country, in Jaco, the hotels are actually ON THE BEACH! When it comes to Costa Rica property, Jaco ranks high on the investment interests of many foreign investors.

Quepos Real Estate

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Quepos real estate market has seen most of its growth from the growing world-wide attention to Manuel Antonio National Park. This park is credited with being the most visited park by tourists in the entire country. Quepos is the community that sits just before you climb over the hills and down in to Manuel Antonio. Costa Rica Property Site has a good selection of properties to choose from in this area.

We are seeing a huge increase in attention to the area for there are many condominium projects throughout the area. Between Jaco and Quepos/Manuel Antonio, these two places have a wide variety of condo projects in construction or already completed.

If you are interested in learning more about Quepos/Manuel Antonio, then we encourage you to contact a Costa Rica Property Site agent for more information on how you can start planning for your future in Quepos real estate.

Vacation Rentals


Manuel Antonio Rentals

Costa Rica Property Site wants you to imagine lounging in your own private infinity pool, overlooking Manuel Antonio hotels, the park and it's amazing turquoise waters? Manuel Antonio is World Famous for a reason.

Dominical Vacation Rental

Costa Rica Property Site is proud to offer this villa in the hills above Dominical overlooking the Pacific, this exquisite villa has everything you will ever need in a private Dominical Vacation Rental. Contact Costa Rica Property SIte for more.

Dominical Surf Camp

Looking for a little adventure when visiting Dominical? How about dropping by the finest Costa Rica surf camp, Sunset Surf and booking your adventure today! Dylan Park is the owner operator and he is waiting to show you the most unique surf experience Costa Rica has to offer.

Jaco Beach

Jaco Beach. The title says it all. The most developed, modern, and active beaches in Costa Rica, Jaco vacation rentals are the perfect alternative to Panama vacations or hotels and Costa Rica Property Site has what you need.